Rosebud macrame bracelet tutorial

Rosebud macrame bracelet video tutorial available here.

For this bracelet the following materials or similar are needed. 3 x 2.5m of 1mm satin cord, 4mm rounds with a large enough hole for the cord to go through, shank button and glue to finish off. 

Follow the steps above to make a section of square knots long enough the create a loop for the size of your button.

Once you have created your section of square knots long enough, shape it into the loop and fasten it together with a double half hitch using the two middle cords as shown on the pictures above. Then continue creating a row of knots towards one side with the double half hitch always picking up the very next cord until you have no more cords left on the side. Now go back to the middle and create an equal row of knots towards the other side with the double half hitch using one cord at a time. Once you have no more cords left you now have your loop and the first two complete rows of knots. 

Now go back to the middle two cords and make another row of knots using the double half hitch straight underneath the first row you made. Do not include the holding cord from the previous row, so you have one less cord to use to create this row. Once this row is complete, make another row of knots using double half hitches on the other side straight underneath the previous one. You now have two rows of knots on each side straight underneath each other.

Now go back to the two middle cords and create one double half hitch with these, which will be the middle of the rosebud. You have now created one half of the rosebud. 

To create the other half of the rosebud, follow the pictures above to continue the rows on the sides one at a time, but so they start curving back in towards the centre again, so you create a frame around the middle of the rosebud. Once these rows are completed and connected in the middle you have your fist finished rosebud.

Then add your beads to your lengths of cord as shown in the picture above. To then cage the beads in place and start the next rosebud, repeat the first steps in making the rosebud, by using the double half hitch to create a row on each side and then continue making this rosebud in the same way as the previous one. Continue making rosebuds using these steps until you reach the length you want your bracelet to be.

Once you've finished making your rosebuds, use the four cords in the middle to make a square knot as pictured above. Then add your shank button and cage that in place with another two square knots. Then use your glue on the last square knot and the excess cords and once dry cut them off. Your bracelet is now done and ready to wear.