New feature on my Website

This week I want to talk about a new feature I will be adding to my Website soon. I have several video tutorials on my Youtube channel showing different kumihimo braid patterns using cord. Some of these are well-known ones like heart patterns and flower patterns and others like watermelon patterns or cupcake patterns.

I will be adding a new feature to my website where I will post kumihimo braid patterns like these in picture form, so they are easily referred back to and also because some people prefer pictures rather than videos to learn from, so this will hopefully help everyone. I will also continue to add to this catalogue of kumihimo braid patterns over time as I create and discover new patterns. So look out for this new feature on my website coming shortly.

Where I buy my wire

I get many questions asking me what wire I use in my tutorials, and where I buy them, so I thought I would address that question with this blogpost and accompanying video you can find using the following link:


Where I buy my wire

In the video you will find that I go into more depth about the wire itself, and what I use the different gauges for, to help anyone who might be starting out. It can give you a better idea of what the different gauges of wire is normally used for. 

The place where I buy my wire is:

Jewellery Maker

And if you’re a new customer and use this code when you first order, you will get £10 credit on your account after your first order, which is always a nice bonus.


I find that the quality of the wire is great and I especially like that you can buy it on large reels of 50m each. That is very helpful when you are someone that uses a lot of wire. You don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of a project as much as if you have smaller reels of wire available to you.

So I hope that was helpful, and answered any questions about where I buy my wire and what kind of wire it is.


This week I want to share with you that I have started an Instagram account and am planning on using this account to share new pieces of jewellery and accessories that I have made, experiments, and also to see possible interest in a tutorial for certain pieces. 


You can find me on Instagram under the name csldesigns if you are interested in following me and seeing what I am up to. 


I have already posted my first picture of a recent bracelet I made for a family members birthday and I am planning on making a tutorial for this. So if you want to stay up to date, then head over to Instagram and follow me for future updates.

Beaded kumihimo Christmas wreath bracelet

You want to start out your kumihimo braid by doing a section of braid just using the cord, before you start adding in the beads. We will need this section of 1-2cm when we finish off the bracelet at the end. The setup of your cords on the disc are shown in the picture below. It is a regular 8 strand round braid, and instructions for this braid can be found through the following link:

Basic 8 strand kumihimo braid

The next step is to add your beads to all your lengths of cord, and the picture below shows the pattern the beads need to be added in. The next cords that are due to be used are number 24 to be brought down and then number eight to bring up. You will want to add the beads in this way to achieve the final look of the braid. Once you have then added your beads you will need to start incorporating them into your braid. For directions on how to add long magatama beads to your braid, please see the following link:

How to add long magatamas to a kumihimo braid

Once you have then added your beads into your braid until you have reached your desired length, you then continue your braid without beads to repeat the small section of braid like you did in the beginning. 

You have now finished your beaded kumihimo Christmas wreath bracelet, and it should look something like this. A perfect design for a piece of Christmas jewellery.

One Year on Youtube

This week I want to share a milestone with you. Yesterday was my one year anniversary on my Youtube channel, and it has been a very exciting and surprising year. I am very pleased and grateful with the growth and success my Youtube channel has had in the last year, and I am hoping for continuous growth in the future, so I can keep doing what I love doing. 

In the year that has passed I have uploaded 101 tutorials to my channel ranging between macrame, micro macrame, wirework and kumihimo tutorials, and I plan to continue to create tutorials within these mediums but also to expand into other mediums over time. 

The year in numbers:

Since beginning my Youtube channel a year ago I am well on my way towards gaining 20,000 subscribers, for which I am very happy, grateful and surprised about. That is a lot of people who have chosen to subscribe to my channel and follow my tutorials.

In total all my videos have accumulated a total number of views of well over 1,100,000 and that number is just so unbelievable. To think that my videos have been viewed over 1 million times is amazing and that I have hopefully helped inspire many people to be creative and do something they love. This really means a lot to me and makes it all worth it, as that is my main goal.

So I would just like to finish of with saying a big thank you to everyone who as supported me and for all your kind words throughout the past year, and hopefully there much more to come.

Tutorial announcement

This week I want to give everyone a heads up on a tutorial I have coming up as one of my next tutorials. It is my most requested one and I have been working hard for the past week to get the tutorial together as it is a fairly big project and I really wanted to get the tutorial right. The tutorial I have been working on is for my micro macrame tree of life, so I hope it will be good enough to help everyone that have requested it and also everyone else.

Like I mentioned it is a fairly big project to take on, but the end result is so worth the time and effort you put into it, however you would choose to make your design. But all you need to complete this project is some time, patience and a basic knowledge of macrame knots. When you first see the piece it might look complicated and intimidating, but the knots that is used are the basic macrame knots. The only complicated thing about this project is the amount of cords you are working with, but this is where the time and patience comes in, so I really hope that if you want to create your own version of this project, that you give it a go.

So here is the tutorial making in progress:

So if you are interested in this tutorial to learn how to make a micro macrame tree of life, then keep an eye out on my Youtube channel as it will be published as one of my next tutorials. 

Halloween is coming.

So we are getting to the end of October and nearing the end of the year, but before we quite get there, there are a few holidays along the way. The first one of them being Halloween. Now I know it isn’t celebrated everywhere, but it is growing year by year and regardless it’s always fun to see what people can think of in relation to the holiday I think, whether it is products, decorations, the beauty industry and of course the creative side of things. Loads of tutorials within different areas have already started weeks ago, and since we are getting closer I think it’s about time to join in. 


Last year around Halloween I made a macrame spider, but no tutorial for it as I hadn’t started making tutorial yet. This year I have decided to actually make a tutorial for the macrame spider so anyone could hopefully have a go at making it themselves. The final spider is somewhat 3D as it has a nice texture to the body and shape to the legs, that help make it more realistic. So this tutorial will be posted tomorrow as my macrame Halloween tutorial for this year, so look out for it on my Youtube channel.

Sneak peak of future tutorial 2

This week I want to give you a little insight into something I’ve been working on. It is a four row macrame bracelet that I will be posting a tutorial on. It is similar to my inside triple row macrame bracelet, which I already have a tutorial on, but I have added an extra row to this one. This is a sample picture of what it will look like.

The materials I am using for this bracelet are leather cord and s-lon cord, but other materials can easily be used in stead. I then use the s-lon cord to help create a pattern in the knotting to match the beads I am using, and of course other sizes, shapes and colours of beads can be used as well. For instance, in the tutorial I use rondelles along the outside rows of the bracelet, but they could be replaces with chips to give a completely different effect. So different materials can easily be used for the same basic technique to achieve very different looks. 

For anyone who is interested in this tutorial it will be coming up within the next couple of weeks on my Youtube channel. So keep an eye out for it.