First Livestream to celebrate my 500th video on my Youtube channel 😃

So the time is coming up where I will be posting my 500th video on my Youtube channel, and I wanted to do something to celebrate that milestone. I have also been wanting to try and livestream for a while, so I thought why not combine the two. Therefore I am planning on doing my first livestream on Sunday 25th of March (which is really soon 😆). My plan is that I am just going to be working on a project I am in the process of and then anyone who wants to join can do so, and maybe we can create together. Because I would love to interact with you more, and doing it live will be completely different than any other way. So hopefully everything will work out (including the technical stuff 😝) and some of you will join me in my first Livestream. Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for more information, and I hope to see you there 😃