First Livestream to celebrate my 500th video on my Youtube channel πŸ˜ƒ

So the time is coming up where I will be posting my 500th video on my Youtube channel, and I wanted to do something to celebrate that milestone. I have also been wanting to try and livestream for a while, so I thought why not combine the two. Therefore I am planning on doing my first livestream on Sunday 25th of March (which is really soon πŸ˜†). My plan is that I am just going to be working on a project I am in the process of and then anyone who wants to join can do so, and maybe we can create together. Because I would love to interact with you more, and doing it live will be completely different than any other way. So hopefully everything will work out (including the technical stuff 😝) and some of you will join me in my first Livestream. Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for more information, and I hope to see you there πŸ˜ƒ

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...

Christmas is almost upon us and I recently played around with some wire, to come up with this years Christmas decoration. I like to make a handmade Christmas decoration, that I give to everyone in my family each year. I ended up making a cute wirework angel, that can be used both as a Christmas decoration, but I also think they would make cute earrings. I decided to share a little picture tutorial for how to make it, as there is still time before Christmas and they are pretty quick and easy to make. I used a 40cm length of 1mm wire to achieve an angel of approximately 3cm tall. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas.

Tutorial announcement

This week I want to give everyone a heads up on a tutorial I have coming up as one of my next tutorials. It is my most requested one and I have been working hard for the past week to get the tutorial together as it is a fairly big project and I really wanted to get the tutorial right. The tutorial I have been working on is for my micro macrame tree of life, so I hope it will be good enough to help everyone that have requested it and also everyone else.

Like I mentioned it is a fairly big project to take on, but the end result is so worth the time and effort you put into it, however you would choose to make your design. But all you need to complete this project is some time, patience and a basic knowledge of macrame knots. When you first see the piece it might look complicated and intimidating, but the knots that is used are the basic macrame knots. The only complicated thing about this project is the amount of cords you are working with, but this is where the time and patience comes in, so I really hope that if you want to create your own version of this project, that you give it a go.

So here is the tutorial making in progress:

So if you are interested in this tutorial to learn how to make a micro macrame tree of life, then keep an eye out on my Youtube channel as it will be published as one of my next tutorials. 

Sneak peak of future micro macrame tutorial.

This week I have been very busy working on a lot of things behind the scenes. Updating various things like my shop on Etsy, my website and my Youtube channel. Alongside all of this I have been working on a future tutorial for my Youtube channel. This will be a tutorial on a small waves micro macrame tutorial and how to achieve a certain pattern with it. I am using 0.4mm s-lon cord to create this and also incorporate beads into this design. This is a look of the work in progress in between recording. 

For this particular bracelet I am using some silver metal spacer beads, but any kind and different sizes of beads can be used for this. I also explain in the tutorial how to achieve different patterns with this technique all dependant on the final look that you want. Other materials can also be used for this technique, like nylon thread, embroidery thread and even thicker cords like satin cord, but the final look and size will be determined by the choice of materials. So if you’re interested in learning this technique, keep an eye out for the tutorial on my Youtube channel shortly.


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