One Year on Youtube

This week I want to share a milestone with you. Yesterday was my one year anniversary on my Youtube channel, and it has been a very exciting and surprising year. I am very pleased and grateful with the growth and success my Youtube channel has had in the last year, and I am hoping for continuous growth in the future, so I can keep doing what I love doing. 

In the year that has passed I have uploaded 101 tutorials to my channel ranging between macrame, micro macrame, wirework and kumihimo tutorials, and I plan to continue to create tutorials within these mediums but also to expand into other mediums over time. 

The year in numbers:

Since beginning my Youtube channel a year ago I am well on my way towards gaining 20,000 subscribers, for which I am very happy, grateful and surprised about. That is a lot of people who have chosen to subscribe to my channel and follow my tutorials.

In total all my videos have accumulated a total number of views of well over 1,100,000 and that number is just so unbelievable. To think that my videos have been viewed over 1 million times is amazing and that I have hopefully helped inspire many people to be creative and do something they love. This really means a lot to me and makes it all worth it, as that is my main goal.

So I would just like to finish of with saying a big thank you to everyone who as supported me and for all your kind words throughout the past year, and hopefully there much more to come.