My top 5 buys from Jewellery Maker.

This week I am going to introduce you to my top 5 buys from Jewellery Maker, including some of my can’t live without tools. I discovered Jewellery Maker a little over a year ago, and that is when I discovered that I could get a hold of gemstone to include into my own designs and I have been working with gemstones ever since. I also found that they had many other jewellery making supplies like tools, and this gave me easier access to several different useful jewellery making supplies that again developed my jewellery making onto another level. Over the last year I have made several purchases from Jewellery Maker and established my favourite buys that I couldn’t be without now. 

Number 1:

My very favourite buy from JM has to be the macrame boards, with my main jewellery making medium being macrame and micro macrame. Since I got a hold of these I simply could not be without them again. It makes any macrame work so much easier and it is also very timesaving for that exact reason. They are also very versatile as they can be used for many things other than macrame, so overall a very good tool to have that I can’t recommend enough.

Number 2:

My number two buy from Jewellery Maker is most certainly their tool kit. This was one of my first buys from Jewellery Maker as I wanted to evolve my jewellery making, but for a reasonable price, which the tool kits from Jewellery Maker certainly are. I already had a few basic tools before the ones I bought from JM, but they weren’t very good quality and I could tell that they wouldn’t last very long, so I decided to get a toolkit from Jewellery Maker and that was a very good investment. The price is great and you get all the basic tools that you need and I have a feeling that theses tools will last me for many years. 

Number 3:

My third favourite buy from Jewellery Maker is their bracelet board. I wanted this because I thought it might be useful, but when I bought it I didn’t realise just how useful it would end up actually being. I use this all the time for when I want to measure the bracelets I make to be able to provide that information for when I sell my pieces. It is a quick and no-hassle way of measuring your bracelets and I always have it by my side. I have also not seen this anywhere else so I am very happy that I came across this.

Number 4:

The fourth favourite buy on my list is the kumihimo disks. I couldn’t be without my round or square disk as kumihimo is also one of my passions in jewellery making. I use the round disk the most, but I love them both for the different results that can be achieved, and the wide range of materials that can be used. 

Number 5:

The last favourite buy on my list is the wire rounding tool. After I started incorporating wirework into my jewellery making I wanted to be able to finish off my pieces to the highest standard possible and the wire rounding tool really helps me achieve that. And I am really glad that I invested in this tool, as it makes a big difference to the final result of my jewellery.

Wire rounding tool