Sneak peak of future tutorial 2

This week I want to give you a little insight into something I’ve been working on. It is a four row macrame bracelet that I will be posting a tutorial on. It is similar to my inside triple row macrame bracelet, which I already have a tutorial on, but I have added an extra row to this one. This is a sample picture of what it will look like.

The materials I am using for this bracelet are leather cord and s-lon cord, but other materials can easily be used in stead. I then use the s-lon cord to help create a pattern in the knotting to match the beads I am using, and of course other sizes, shapes and colours of beads can be used as well. For instance, in the tutorial I use rondelles along the outside rows of the bracelet, but they could be replaces with chips to give a completely different effect. So different materials can easily be used for the same basic technique to achieve very different looks. 

For anyone who is interested in this tutorial it will be coming up within the next couple of weeks on my Youtube channel. So keep an eye out for it.