Halloween is coming.

So we are getting to the end of October and nearing the end of the year, but before we quite get there, there are a few holidays along the way. The first one of them being Halloween. Now I know it isn’t celebrated everywhere, but it is growing year by year and regardless it’s always fun to see what people can think of in relation to the holiday I think, whether it is products, decorations, the beauty industry and of course the creative side of things. Loads of tutorials within different areas have already started weeks ago, and since we are getting closer I think it’s about time to join in. 


Last year around Halloween I made a macrame spider, but no tutorial for it as I hadn’t started making tutorial yet. This year I have decided to actually make a tutorial for the macrame spider so anyone could hopefully have a go at making it themselves. The final spider is somewhat 3D as it has a nice texture to the body and shape to the legs, that help make it more realistic. So this tutorial will be posted tomorrow as my macrame Halloween tutorial for this year, so look out for it on my Youtube channel.