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Christina Larsen

Published jewellery designer

I am Christina Larsen and I am a jewellery and accessory designer. I create jewellery and accessories through using different materials. I specialise in the mediums wirework, kumihimo and macrame, but love to dabble and experiment with different mediums as well. I love creating unexpected things out of simple materials and I am still intrigued by what can be created by using nothing more than cord or thread. I also like the very different but still wearable results that can be achieved by using these materials and I aim to continue to develop my skills within these mediums and to expand into other mediums over time. 

It all started in 1987 when I was born. Pretty much since day one I have grown up with being creative in one way or another. While growing up with my mum we probably tried near enough everything creative that was available, and we would always love to sit and do something creative together. I will be forever grateful to my mother that she raised me in this way and gave me the freedom and possibility to develop my creative side. I have lived out my creative side for most of my life with the exception of a period in my life. This was when I started university to study International Politics. I didn't spend much time being creative and over the years while being at university it gradually became less and less. This also ended up being the worst period of my life where many bad things happened, but even worse because I had ignored my creative side and and struggled through this period. After graduating from university I slowly started rediscovering my creative side and found that it helped me tremendously coping through the tough period and I started getting stronger and stronger again. I realised that I had been sidetracked with previous ventures and that my true passion was being able to use my creative side and that is when I truly discovered jewellery making. I started out with some basic macrame that most of us learned as children, and quickly discovered the whole world of macrame and micro macrame that was out there. I was completely inspired and jumped straight into it and found now that I had started I wouldn't be able to stop. I quickly developed my skills and continued to experiment and learn. Some time after I then managed to get a hold of some wire and immediately starting incorporating that into my macrame work and also do wirework on it's own. These have now become my two favourite mediums to work with and I continue to push myself to learn new and exciting things.

After getting comfortable with my skills within my jewellery making mediums I started making online tutorials on Youtube for my designs. This is quickly growing and becoming very successful,  and it is a side to my jewellery making that I very much enjoy. Creating something and then teaching it to other people who then in return make their versions of the designs. It is very rewarding and definitely something I will continue to do.